Thoughts on the Lost episode, Whatever The Case May Be.

If this keeps up, ABC should flip shows so that Alias opens up for Lost. But at the same time, I like the 7:00 time slot for Lost. Anyway, another great show, last night. With the development of Kate we knew she had a dark secret. Her being a criminal mastermind and having killed someone would qualify. Birds of a feather flock together, which is why Sawyer is relaxed around Kate. I doubt Sawyer has killed anyone, but he is street savvy. He swindles people, with his con man background, and looks out for himself… like Kate. It would appear that way, with these two, but you never know. (As soon as the bank robbery started I knew Kate was in on it, but didn’t figure her to be the one behind it all.) Kate does appear that she wants to change and be a better person, but at the same time is doing everything she can to hide her secrets. Hard to change into something better when you don’t come to terms with your past.

What is tough, with the show, is that I want to know more of the backstory with characters that have had their story already delved into by the show. However, there are others on the island that are on deck for their stories, which isn’t bad and I want to know their story also. Fan sites and independent entertainment sites have reports on who will be profiled the remainder of the season. We know that next week will be Boone and Shannon, the brother and sister. In the pipeline is an episode dealing with Michael and Walt, and then the one I think many fans are waiting for, Hurley’s episode. Hurley’s episode comes after Sawyer and Charlie get their second episode. Sawyer and Charlie provided two of my favorite episodes of the season, so I don’t mind waiting for Hurley’s if we get another dose of Sawyer and Charlie. Hurley hasn’t been around much, lately. Maybe he is maintaining his golf course.

One thing I noticed with the show is the cracks are starting to appear in the group. More and more of the survivors are accepting they aren’t getting off this island, and the all for one, one for all attitude is dissipating. At the same time, there are survivors who realize their circumstance and are doing everything they can to keep the community. Well, Jack is doing everything he can. We have Boone looking menacingly at Sayid, Locke attacking Boone, Sawyer looking out for himself, everyone wondering about the monsters and Claire… what next?

A nice development, I thought, was more time given to Rose. The scene she had with Charlie, at the end of the episode, was beautiful and brilliant. Wisdom from someone older, a grandmother type, can have that effect. The references to God only heighten online theories about the island being Purgatory.

Overall, a great episode. The revelation Kate made seemed a bit anti-climactic, after all the build up throughout the season, and episode, but that’s alright. It still pushed the story forward. I am a bit surprised there isn’t more being done to get Claire back. I guess Boone and Locke are telling people they are searching for her, but wouldn’t you think you’d have more people searching? Maybe the survivors are just accepting the fact she is gone.

It must be tough for Abrams, and his creative team, because there are almost too many potential storylines they could follow. At the same time that sets up for a good, long running series, if they know where they are going with the story. There are multiple stories, regarding the island, that have yet to be explored. Maybe next week we find out more about what Locke and Boone discovered.

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