The snow continues to fall in round two of the season’s first snowstorm. After predictions jumped toward 15 and 16 inches, they all have come down to 12 inches. It must be tough being a forecaster. Storms can change instantly, with an infinite amount of variables in the environment. (Chaos theory) A forecaster tries to get a gauge on what might happen then tell thousands of people what will happen. You are flying blind and telling people to trust you.

Thanks to all the workers who are prepping and plowing the streets.

Finished up Let Me Tell You A Story earlier in the day. An exceptional read, even more so if you are a hoops junkie. (And if you follow the Celtics it is a must read.) Red Auerbach was, and still is, ahead of his time when it came to basketball. His insight into international basketball, college coaches and practices, handling the NBA player, assistants, being a NBA executive, pulling back the curtain on the NBA’s love for the Knicks and superstars… it was all sharp and explained thoughtfully. The NBA needs people like him, now, more than ever. The greatest NBA coach of all-time, and the greatest executive.

Keeping it with the Celtics, head over to Bill Simmons’ site to read his thoughts on the current Celtic team. Lots of Celtic fans wondered why Danny Ainge was stocking up on late first round draft picks (me included), but so far the picks are looking genius. Tony Allen and Al Jefferson are great picks, with Jefferson having the potential to be phenomenal. Now if Paul Pierce can buy into what the Celtics are doing, the team has a bright future.

Snowfall has picked up even more. Drive safe if you are in Omaha, or the metropolitan area.

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