It’s easy to write, the day after, that Auburn was more deserving to play USC, than Oklahoma. This sort of commentary, by sports writers, may be motivated more so at attacking the BCS, but a team that starts the season #2, in the polls, and finishes the season #2, how can you say they aren’t deserving? The argument that Auburn went undefeated in the SEC is a smokescreen. Other than them, the SEC was filled with overrated Jekyll and Hyde teams. (Like Georgia for instance.)

It’s easy to say, in hindsight, that Auburn would have given USC more of a challenge, but after the display we saw last night there is no doubt who the number one team is. The only thing a USC-Auburn matchup would have done is quieted Auburn and all its fans. Auburn fan gets the best of everything, right now. Sympathy from the average football fan, an undefeated season and quite possibly the best season in school history, and they were not embarrassed by USC.

When I think of the SEC, all I think of is the supposed great SEC coach, Steve Spurrier, getting absolutely destroyed by Nebraska in the ’96 Fiesta Bowl. I know SEC fans are some of the most committed, die-hard fans around, but that does not automatically make your conference the best. I know you have storied programs with lots of tradition, with tons of sports writers espousing the SEC, as the best conference every second, but that does not mean Auburn should play USC because it won the SEC. SEC football is great, and there are a lot of talented teams in the conference (as in other conferences), but so what?

Auburn is a great team, and had a great year, but there is no way they would measure up with USC this season. Let us quote Auburn’s football coach, Tommy Tuberville, about playing USC. Here is what he said, before the Orange Bowl started. “It’ll be over by half. You give Norm Chow (USC assistant) a month to get ready for somebody…” No wonder he tailed off. The translation is Auburn is not the number one team and would not have beat USC.

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