The snow continues to fall consistently, and this was suppose to be the time in the day where it would be a lull. Then it was suppose to pick back up later in the morning. Most of the forecasters have adapted their predictions as the storm came into the area, and stayed in the area. The Omaha World Herald, which uses AccuWeather for their predictions, was the only source I heard/read early on that that this storm would have the potential to be over 12 inches. Everyone is saying that now, with predictions settling in around 15 to 16 inches of snow.

Looking out the window onto 72nd the traffic seems to be moving alright. A plow just drove by, and now a 2nd one. I wonder how many hours they will have to work straight through. I was impressed how easy it was to drive this morning, considering the snow and ice and not having some of the side streets plowed. I’m fortunate I live right off 72nd.

I have no desire to go out. I’ll just enjoy the view from my apartment. And in the meantime I will try to get USC’s fight song out of my head after OU did their part to sear it into my memory.

First snowstorm of 2005
Originally uploaded by ramhatter.

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