Gearing up for the return of Lost and Alias, in a few minutes. Lost has come onto the scene and become one of my favorites. Intelligent writing, great timing and suspense, slick production, the show has it all. Its concept for centering episodes around a character is great. At the outset of the show I wondered how they were going to develop all the characters. They are showing me how. Favorite episodes so far have been Locke’s, Sawyer’s, Charlie’s, and Jack’s (the second Jack episode). Still waiting for Hurley’s episode.

After that it will be Alias, and who knows what will happen there. After a substandard third season, the show hopes to rejuvenate itself this season. From what I can tell, from the promos, it will be Jennifer Garner 24/7. I’m wondering how the interaction between Michael Vartan and her will play into their characters. She only dated him then dumped him for Ben Affleck. How that will play into their tv relationship will be interesting.

With Alias, last season, it seemed they had no real vision or direction for the season. It came across as if they came up with storylines on the fly. If creator JJ Abrams can get the show back on track, it should make for great viewing. If not, they should retire the show before it becomes a joke like X-Files did in its later years.

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