The onslaught of commercials for American Idol has begun. I always enjoy how they have said before each season, since season 2, how “this season has the best talent”, “if you think you’ve seen the best, you haven’t seen anything yet”, or “the best is yet to come”. Something along those lines is usually delivered by one of the judges, usually Simon. I have to laugh because last season showed this talent show to be way past its prime. The crowning of Fantasia somewhat redeemed the season after the deplorable voting results as tweeners flooded the phone lines to vote for who they thought was the cutest.

This year, the producers have tweaked the process. There will be twelve contestants, but this year they will be split evenly. Six guys and six girls. (This is according to an article on TV Guide’s website today.) That is nice, I guess, but I still do not think it addresses the main problem with the show. That being talentless contestants being voted ahead of those who do have talent. People may think that this is what America wants, but if that is the case how come no one seems to be buying the cds of those contestants that stay on long enough to generate “controversy” but do not garner enough votes to win because they do suck.

One solution I thought of is that once it gets to the final 12 the three judges, Simon, Randy, and Paula (I guess she is a judge.), should decide who is in the bottom three. From there, they go to the vote totals of America to decide who is voted off. When it comes down to 5 and 4 contestants, the judges should award immunity to the best performer and then the rest of the group relies on the voting whims of America. When it gets down to the top 3, let the judges make their comments but the vote from America decides who moves on and who goes home.

Yeah, I’m sure the people at Fox are trying to beat down my door to tell me how smart this is.

The best part of the show is always the auditions, but that might change if another William Hung is thrown at us. Do we really need another person to parlay their “fame” into a music album?

Reportedly Fox is going to have American Idol on three nights a week, because of the format change, not because they can take in more advertising dollars because of the schedule… yeah right. (I don’t know of a show with more filler.)

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