So much for the sleet. Snow is already falling outside the window at a noticeable rate. The Omaha World Herald is saying there is a potential for 18 inches of snow. I would like that, but I am probably in the minority. Hopefully everyone will be safe, but I’m not sure about that after seeing people drive, this past Christmas season, like they were in China or India where traffic lights and signs are ignored on a routine basis.

While the weather mimics the North Pole, this evening, I’ll be watching Oklahoma – USC play in the Orange Bowl. (Calling it a National Championship game is a farce.) Without going into detail, I think Oklahoma pulls it out. Everyone keeps referring back to their porous secondary, during a stretch in conference play, but that was when Antonio Perkins was injured. With him back in the lineup, and Marcus Walker coming out of his redshirt year, their secondary is fine. I think Jason White and company will have something more to prove after last year’s late season swoon. (In part to White’s unreported injury last season.) I think USC is also a bit overrated. I know everyone was down on the Big 12 because of the Big 12 North, but that doesn’t mean OU played patsies all season. Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State are more challenging than what the Pac-10 can produce. Still, everyone hyped the resurgence of the Pac-10 this year. They don’t have much to show for it now, especially in light of UCLA and Cal’s bowl games.

Would it surprise me if USC won? Not at all, but I think Oklahoma wins in the Orange Bowl (again).

Drive safe…

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